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Pega Marketing for Communications is a single application to create and manage contextual marketing programs across all channels.


Pega marketing for communications is a single application to create and manage contextual marketing programs across all channels. Whether it's through a mobile phone, email, the web, or social feeds, Pega's omnichannel capability lets you have natural conversations with your customers that can seamlessly transition to an agent. Automated guidance prompts agents to ask the right questions, coaches them on the right time upsell, service, or retain the customer, and even helps them make smart decisions about customer value.

Your marketing team defines the programs and strategies that turn insight into action. Pega leverages big data and predictive analytics to determine a customer's future value and likelihood of churn. It combines this with real time context and business objectives to recommend personalised treatments for each customer. You can track program performance, run simulations, and deploy changes without coding. And self learning analytics automatically improve decisions, responding to changing market conditions in real time.

Built on the Pega 7 platform, Pega marketing for communications runs on the cloud or on premise. It also works seamlessly with Pega's order management and customer service applications and easily integrates with existing systems. Make your marketing programs more contextual, more personal, and more profitable with Pega marketing for communications. Our world is constantly changing. Only Pega lets you build for change.


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