AIG: Hundreds of Millions Saved

Deploy a Claims Solution That is Agile

AIG, serving 131 countries, has been an innovator in leveraging advanced BPM technology throughout the enterprise for the last decade.

The company’s management team decided that a new comprehensive approach to claims management was needed worldwide. The existing methods were not producing consistent results for the enterprise or the customer. The company diligently surveyed the market for an acceptable claims platform to support its global business vision. The search did not yield a workable solution that could meet the carrier’s ambitious goals.

AIG turned to Pega to deliver a single worldwide platform that would allow them to institutionalize 90 years of claims management experience.

Business Goals

  • Optimize customer experience
  • Radically reduce costs
  • Institutionalize global claims management process
  • Reduce claims leakage and indemnity expense
  • Automate best practices across the globe


  • 30% reduction in claim handling cycle time
  • 5+% reduction in claim leakage
  • 10 point reduction in LOB combined ratio