Why Next Best Action Strategies Will Transform Telco Customer Experience Management Future Plans

Communications service providers are accelerating their plans on customer experience management transformation. On top of recent strong financial results, Vodafone has renewed its commitment to deliver top class customer service and marketing through its ambitious Super Mobile 2015 strategy. Similarly, Everything Everywhere has unveiled  a £50 million investment programme to transform customer experience across its brands.

The success of these strategies will depend on how they elevate customer service management away from the older, increasingly discredited model of one-way, outbound models of campaign marketing.  Such approaches are running on empty as their blunderbuss approach of firing messages out at as many people as possible delivers too low a conversion rate.  

An addiction to automated outbound customer marketing has damaged some CSP brands and undermined the industry’s attempts to offer better, more personalised services.

Thankfully, the sector is beginning to recognise its past faults and understand how unifying inbound and outbound marketing could give them the tools to support new customer experience strategies that are responsive to more dynamic, fast moving market conditions. The key is that CSP marketers need the capability to deliver a set of intelligent and coordinated messages across all channels, including inbound channels such as the contact center and Web, and outbound channels such as email, social media and mobile.

In essence, the tools that the leading and most forward-thinking CSPs are reaching for are characterised by their Next-Best-Action capabilities.  Attuned to customer personalisation, N-B-A is founded on the principle that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all when interacting with a customer. Quite simply N-B-A is a single, continuous marketing program that selects the optimal treatment, one step, or one decision, at a time.

What drives this unified marketing approach is a blending of decision management and intelligent analytics that makes those real time determinations of what’s the right action  for every customer and provides them with the right message, at the right time, in the right channel.

Being able to achieve this means that N-B-A can be a game changer for CSPs especially in the cut-throat mass consumer markets in which they often have to compete.

So I for one will keeping my eye on how these ambitious CEM plans evolve and checking how integral N-B-A will be in transforming how telcos interact with their customers.