Vodafone Germany Receives the Gartner BPM Excellence Award for Innovation with their Order Management Solution

I love hearing success stories from our customers who have made the transformation to a digital enterprise. It’s even more gratifying when they are recognized with a high-profile award from a leading industry analyst. Congratulations to the team at Vodafone Germany for winning the Gartner BPM Excellence Award!

Vodafone Germany had a vision for a new ordering platform that would enable the business to provide enterprise customers with the best possible experience during the entire order-to-service process. Initially Vodafone Germany had multiple IT solutions in place for order management. The orders contained thousands of customized suborders, whose fulfilment processes are quite different and complex. Many of the orders were processed in different departments and locations. Additionally, some orders were outsourced to external fulfilment companies. All of this complexity resulted in a high risk, error-prone process for fulfilment. What’s more, project managers could not measure the delivery of the order and management did not have visibility into orders.

Two years ago, Vodafone Germany took the stage at PegaWORLD, our annual user group conference, and shared their vision and initial success through a project called eTOP (Enterprise Technical Order Processing). The eTOP solution was designed to automate processes, increase order processing efficiency, improve time-to-market, and introduce a platform that would enable them to easily react to the turbulent telecommunications market by having a smarter and quicker way to introduce new products. The results have been staggering:

  • Significant reduction in order fulfillment effort through process improvement and automation
  • Notable reduction in time-to-market through model driven software configuration
  • Marked reduction in costs of vendor management 
  • Higher customer satisfaction through improved end to end order visibility and shorter order delivery times

If you are you transforming your business into a digital enterprise, the Vodafone Germany success story is one to emulate. Too often CSPs get boxed into commercial off the shelf (COTS) software packages. In my experience, COTS packages inhibit agility and time to market because they require several packages and system integration (programming) to manage the entire solution. By comparison, order management solutions that leverage case management built on a business process management suite (BPMS) and solution frameworks accelerate delivery and are easier to change and extend. This enables an agile and unified solution that supports digital services today and into the future.

Vodafone has achieved this and more, and we’re excited to be playing a key role in their innovation.