Tradition or Transformation?

Does your agency follow the traditional path of developing mission critical applications? Have you been plagued with cost overruns, change orders, or missed deadlines? Has there been a major headline associated with a project failure under your jurisdiction? If you have answered yes to any of the above questions, rest assured – you're not alone. Government agencies, as well as commercial organizations, are looking for a better way to bring innovative technology to their enterprise.

Pegasystems has partnered with Govloop to develop a campaign to direct agencies on the low-risk, yet transformative approach which will:

  • Connect people with process and
  • Unify both your enterprise development and your enterprise applications.

The benefits are immediate and success is sustained. Please view the below infographic to see more.

The traditional method of application development does not accommodate change, and if you can't do that, everything stands still and grows old. Existing processes become a dead-end path that technology can't provide an exit route from. Creating isolated solutions to accommodate new ways of constituent engagement, simply multiplies the number of roadblocks on the same dead-end path that you can't escape.

With the transformative approach, unexpected change is expected, unwelcomed change is welcomed, and scope creep is considered mandatory. Policies, processes and business rules that are common stay common and can be reused throughout the enterprise. A layered approach supports reuse by only having to accommodate differences. And most importantly, your agency is spared from duplicating efforts, as changes only have to be made once across all applications and channels of communication (call center, web, in office, mobile, social).

Stop risking bad headlines and start ensuring success by thinking differently and embracing transformation through Pega's Build for Change® Government. We hope you enjoy the infographic and please share your thoughts, as I'd be happy to talk more about anything contained within.


Download Infographic