The Top Four Reasons I Love Marketing

1. There is incredible momentum in the marketing space. In fact according to analysts, customers, prospects and recent corporate activities there is clear evidence of that momentum.  Two recent statistics published by Gartner really caught my eye.  The first: in 2012 Marketing was the fastest growing CRM category, growing at 21% (more than quadruple the software norm in 2012) and they are predicting 21% growth through 2017.  The second eye-catching statistic: Gartner predicts by 2017 the CMO will spend more money on IT than the CIO. Wow.  Beyond the market growth and analyst comments in the recent past we have seen some very interesting corporate activity with acquiring ExactTarget, Marketo conducting a successful IPO, Oracle buying Eloqua and IBM scooping up Unica.  The premiums paid for these companies reflect the increasing emphasis companies are placing on acquiring new customers and growing the value of their existing customer.

2. The second reason I love marketing is it is an incredible mix of art and science, as many seasoned marketers can attest.  It is an area that to be properly executed must perfectly blend of innovation, interaction, strategy, execution and business return.  To be successful in marketing a company can never stand still, they must be constantly adapting to their customers and the market demands as a whole.  They must find creative ways to be on the cutting edge in areas like social and mobile.  They must be actively tuned into customer preferences, proactively engage in meaningful conversations that attract the customer’s interest, promotes a positive image and results in strong brand loyalty.  Marketers must be confident enough to try new things but savvy enough to find ways to test, simulate and validate results before breaking the budget in non-rewarding activities.  To be effective marketers must monetize this mix of art and science and prove on a daily basis that their programs deliver ROMI (return on marketing investment).  It is a “what have you done for me lately” atmosphere based on a pretty simple equation – no ROMI equals no more funding for innovative programs.

3. The third reason I am so excited about marketing is all the power contained in Pega’s Next-Best-Action Marketing solution.  The solution puts the tools to innovate, execute, measure and adapt in the hands of the marketers in some of the world’s leading organizations.  The solution is enabling these companies to engage in real-time conversations with their customers across all the traditional inbound and outbound channels (in the call center, over the web, through email), and through the latest ways (through social and on mobile devices).  N-B-A Marketing allows marketers to configure customer strategies that predict customer behavior, gather data from across the enterprise in real-time, automatically decide the best action to take, deliver it in the preferred channel and on the preferred device and rapidly adapt.  They have the power to simulate marketing strategies and campaigns, view real-time results and implement champion challenger strategies. N-B-A Marketing is enabling companies to finally achieve the almost mythical segment of one, predictive personalization.  But the real reason N-B-A Marketing has won my heart is companies putting into practice their best strategies without being constrained by their technology and they are seeing incredible returns.  Back to our simple equation noted above they are getting more ROMI which equals an increased budget and that drives greater and greater customer lifetime value.

4. The fourth reason – and I am going to let you in on a little secret here – is that somehow, since I am in marketing, my wife has a vision that I am as handsome and dynamic as Don Draper (just without all the self-destructive behavior).  And, as a good marketer, I am not one to tamper with this positive brand image.