Top 5 Ways to Win More Enterprise Business – Tip 4: Enable a Tailored Solution

I recently read that Microsoft is buying the maker of Minecraft (which is often referred to as “Digital Legos” and uses virtual blocks to create digital worlds). As I watch my 7-year old son create amazing things in Minecraft, I ask myself, “What if building telecom operating systems was like building virtual worlds in Minecraft?”

It’s not a new concept for enterprise software vendors. In fact, there are some common building blocks to almost all telecom operations software: essential concepts such as customer, product, service, connectivity, network, case, and process. Around each of these concepts you enable standard functions to create and utilize. However, no one has made it easy enough for my 7-year old to do it.

At Pega, we make it possible for business people (non-programmers) to build very sophisticated and tailored solutions using building blocks such as data models, user interfaces, and integrations fused with higher-value concepts such as cases, rules, processes, and analytics. For Communications Service Providers (CSPs) we built an industry-specific building block that leverages industry standards for domain specific concepts such as customer, offer, service, order and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). Then we enabled customers to interact on preferred channels such as self-service, mobile, and call center.

We leverage this building block concept in solutions like Order Capture & Configuration which makes it possible for CSPs to create tailored sales proposals for a range of B2B customers. In these scenarios CSPs need to determine if custom solutions or standard products would be profitable in a particular solution proposal. Designing CLV directly into the order capture and configuration process allows the system to automatically determine the sales costs allowable in a sales opportunity.

I’d love to hear about any building blocks that you would like to use to design your telecom order management solutions. This could enable agility in your own environment and allow you to provide a tailored customer experience that only your brand can provide. And let me know if you are hiring summer interns. My son has mastered Minecraft – in the future he might apply this skill to building software solutions. That’ll help me pay for his college education.

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