Top 5 Ways to Win More Enterprise Business – Tip 3: Embrace Mobility

Pega recently commissioned a survey of IT decision-makers at large enterprises in North America and Europe to understand their experiences working with Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Twenty-five percent of respondents stated they had an “average, poor, or terrible” experience working with their CSP on a recent contract negotiation. There is clear room for improvement … but how? Deliver a quality sales proposal. The vast majority (70%) ranked the quality of the proposal as the most important consideration when negotiating with a CSP for enterprise services.

When I look at the sales proposal process of most CSPs, I am amazed at the complexity. As an example, a significant portion of the proposal process is done in the field by remote teams -- account executives, solution engineers, field engineers – who all need immediate access to information. Yet they are supported by a paper trail of contracts, spreadsheets, work orders and a variety of systems that are rarely available in the field. This literal disconnect requires manual re-keying of data from system to system or paper to system, resulting in lengthy delays and manual errors throughout the telecom order management process.

Embracing mobility will enable your sales and field teams to immediately capture critical information, improve responsiveness and hike productivity. An account executive can initiate an ICT order directly from his phone while out to dinner with his client. A solution engineer can collaborate with enterprise IT to work through order details on an iPad, capturing all the necessary information at that moment in time. And a field engineer can perform a site survey in a building basement on a tablet offline and then immediately sync when connectivity is reestablished.

By embracing mobility and digitizing the order capture, configuration, pricing and quoting process you will improve the quality of your enterprise sales proposals which will inevitably improve the client’s experience.

This blog is part of a series that explores the top 5 ways to win more sales in the communications B2B market.