Top 10 Enterprise Trends You Can't Afford to Ignore

As we look forward to 2013, Pegasystems Chief Evangelist and VP of BPM Technology Setrag Khoshafian sits down to analyze the industry trends that will become increasingly prevalent over the course of the next 12 months.  He highlights 10 business trends that you should be paying special attention to as your organization looks to Build for Change ® by increasing operational efficiencies and improving customer service, among other initiatives.  By focusing on these trends and undertaking transformation projects, organizations stand to gain rapid returns on investment and achieve ongoing operational excellence. 

What follows below is an edited version of the trends; please visit for the full e-book that goes into much more detail.  


Trend #1: Business Transformation As a Strategic Initiative for Adaptive Enterprises
This year will make business transformation even more compelling for organizations that want to “Do More with Less”. 

Trend #2: Emerging Roles for Business Transformation
In conjunction with business transformation for adaptive enterprise initiatives, we will see increasingly emerging roles for transformation professionals in 2013. 

Trend #3: Dynamic Case Management is becoming Mainstream
Dynamic Case Management allows organizations to support all categories of work and all types of workers. DCM helps organizations expand beyond the traditional boundaries of their organizational silos as well as value/supply chains.

Trend #4: Social for Collaboration
Social BPM is bringing the incredible success of social networking to the enterprise, and this is providing increased connectivity, transparency, communication, and collaboration with customers, as well as internally within the organization. 

Trend #5: Mobile Workforce
In the next couple of years, mobile devices will soon surpass PCs as the most pervasive Internet and Web access devices. Smartphones and tablets are permeating not only consumer markets but also the enterprise as the means to conduct business. Mobile BPM will allow organizations to seamlessly initiate and complete automated case work, end to end via mobile devices. 

Trend #6: Data Engineering and Actionable Analytics
One of the most important trends in the industry is the emergence of data engineering and especially analytics of Big Data with tangible benefits to organizations that unlock the insights hidden in vast amounts of digital information.  BPM, through both predictive and adaptive disciplines and capabilities, enables the insight that is discovered becomes actionable.

Trend #7: The Modern Business Architecture
Business Architectures focus on the business strategy, the organization of the enterprise, the various services of the business and the core strategic and operational processes within the businesses.

Trend #8: Ubiquitous Cloud
Software, platforms, and infrastructures on “the Cloud” are fast becoming the preferred mode of provisioning enterprise software. With the Cloud you can have enterprise applications that are built securely with the BPM platform on the Cloud: BPM for PaaS.

Trend #9: Transforming the Customer Experience with BPM Enabled CRM
Customer Centricity means the needs, expectations, and overall experience of the customer drives the processes and policies of the organization. With BPM-enabled CRM – especially customer service and support – organizations will be able to keep their NPS® (or other) critical to customer experience measure in control in real-time. 

Trend #10: Intelligent Agents in Process of Everything
The Internet of Everything will involve processes with people and “things” or devices all connected on the Internet.  In the next decade, these “things” – just about any digital-enabled device – will generate more Internet traffic than people. 


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