Stop Marketing to Mr. and Mrs. Average!

I recently returned from a family vacation to Florida. I live in Europe so I'm always interested to note the differences between the sights and sounds of home and those in the US. However, there were some things that were very similar, such as the way the mobile companies are marketing 4G to the public.

I saw huge billboards that talked about how fast and big the new networks are, all swimming in an alphabet soup of acronyms – 4G, LTE, HSPA+. I'm sure that, to an average person on the street, the message is nearly meaningless. Even if they know what's in the soup, why do they care?

To be fair, one cannot judge the marketing strategy wholly on the above-the-line, mass marketing visible from the highway. It does however highlight that there is a lot to be done to engage the interest and ignite the buying impulses of Mr. and Mrs. Average when it comes to the latest industry saviour: 4th generation mobile networking. Have a look at the infographic below to understand how today's service providers can eliminate average outcomes and start developing customer processes that are more specific, more relevant, more proactive and more effective for each individual customer.

Download the infographic as a PDF here >