Sometimes, 1+1 = 3

I was pleased to recently read an independent analyst report written by Tower Group’s Nicole Sturgill.  In it, she highlights significant success at two financial services organizations leveraging Pegasystems and Chordiant solutions respectively.  The report, titled “And the Customer Takes the Lead: Multichannel Integration Facilitates Customer Experience,” details how important it is for banks to present a consistent and meaningful customer experience across all channels.

In a time when more customers are increasingly demanding control over which channel options they choose for transactions and information, financial services firms have to continually engage with them in a myriad of different ways in order to keep them connected, happy and loyal.  Solutions that deliver quicker response times, interaction personalization at a “segment of one” level and more first-time resolution are crucial in this regard.

This is a business benefit that Pegasystems and Chordiant, now a Pegasystems company, have long held as key to achieving success.  And while the report was written prior to the recent merger, it only serves to underscore how powerfully our combined company will capitalize on that maxim. Tower cited a Pegasystems implementation that drove up profitability at the bank by 6 percent, in part by drastically reducing turnaround times to customer inquiries. 

What once took the bank five days to process now takes barely 30 minutes using our advanced SmartBPM technology.  Additionally, Tower cited a Chordiant implementation at a large multi-national bank leveraging the Decision Management solution to provide an effective cross-channel strategy for contact centers and online banking.  By combining existing customer data with analytical, operational and real-time triggers, it quickly drove several million euros in sales profits. Whether it’s decision management or driving business agility, these two examples are just the tip of the iceberg for how our combined new company adds value in financial services. Sometimes, one plus one really does add up to three.