PegaWorld 2018: Monday recap – NextGen digital transformation gets real

PegaWorld 2018: Monday Recap
"You need to have an architecture, technology, and approach that lets you tackle problems one journey at a time….Pega allows you to create a living, active, outcome-oriented approach to how you engage with your customers."
- Alan Trefler

Last night was an amazing start to PegaWorld 2018, with a welcome reception and dinner under the stars, courtesy of Titanium partner Accenture.

Then this morning, DJ robot booted up thousands of conference goers packing the MGM Grand Garden Arena to hear keynote presentations and real-world insight on innovating for the future and building for change.

Pegasystems Founder and CEO, Alan Trefler, opened the conference with an overview of the digital chaos in the software industry, stating that we need to get real and differentiate between the hype of made up, unproven concepts, and technology that really does what it promises. He described three well-intentioned mistakes organizations are making in their quests to transform, and laid out a roadmap for how organizations can move from digital chaos to digital transformation.

A central brain is essential to analyzing information from all channels, making smarter decisions on actions to take, and thinking end to end. And when this central brain works across a single, unified architecture, the combined capabilities of this system help you create unprecedented business outcomes in customer engagement and operational excellence.

“You need to have an architecture, technology, and approach that lets you tackle problems one journey at a time….Pega allows you to create a living, active, outcome-oriented approach to how you engage with your customers.”

Alan explained that software that can perfect your software, customer-centered Design Thinking principles, and revolutionary tools to help organizations optimize staff and optimize systems are all part of Pega software and Pega’s mission to help organizations develop the capacity to build for change.

Julia Davis, Chief Information Officer for Aflac, shared her story of how Aflac, by automating work, streamlined processes, created new opportunities for employees, and helped foster a more collaborative partnership between business users and IT. By automating non-value-add work, Aflac has freed up people to work on adding value with customers, resulting in their IT customer satisfaction ratings jumping from 39% to 79% in just three years.

Embarking on a technology transformation to move from a system created in the 1970s to a more modern system and agile methodology not only enabled automation, but enabled people, as well. That meant training IT and business users. And it meant creating strategic partnerships with leading universities in Aflac’s community to help build a foundation that will get more people in the organization to help them grow.

Focusing on Pega as a foundation for digital transformation, Senior Vice President of Products, Kerim Akgonul, delivered our most exciting product announcement ever – Pega Infinity™. Kerim demonstrated new features that will help catapult organizations to the next generation of customer engagement and digital process automation – like AI-powered self-optimizing marketing campaigns, an AI-powered sales coach, an augmented agent for call centers, natural language processing and automated OCR capabilities, email bots, deep learning, and role-based portals that provide specialized studio environments for developers and administrators.

“Change is the only constant in the digital world,” said Kerim. That’s why software needs to be “limitless, continuous, and future-proof.”

To help drive home Pega’s message of engagement, automation, and agility, Kerim was joined onstage by Duncan Macdonald, Vice President of Consumer Solutions & Digital Transformation, and Rhona Bradshaw, Vice President of Customer Experience Transformation at Liberty Global. Together, they described how the world’s largest telecom company uses common platforms and services, built on Pega, that work across systems and geographies.

James Stavropoulos, Global Lead for Network Deployment Operations at Google, then joined Kerim to describe how Google is using Pega to orchestrate and automate repairs and enhancements for the Google network.

Minds blown, the audience sought out more in-depth info and hands-on experience with Pega Infinity™ features like self-optimizing campaigns, virtual assistants, UX design, drag-and-drop integration, and blockchain tools in the Tech Pavilion. Plus, they took advantage of learning more from over 80 demos and presentations of innovative digital solutions from Pega’s partners and vendors.

And because you have to make time for fun… we’re ending the evening rocking out to an exclusive concert by the Grammy-awarding winning band Train.


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