PegaWorld 2017 Launches With Style

Today, Monday, June 5, 2017, the PegaWorld juggernaut continued to empower forward.

Today, Monday, June 5, 2017, the PegaWorld juggernaut continued to empower forward, hosting 4,200 attendees, showcasing many thought-leading companies with their cutting-edge technologies, and bringing industry leaders in customer engagement to the stage for keynotes that opened a window into future development efforts.

Pega Founder and CEO Alan Trefler: Customer Centricity, Personalization, and Operational Optimization

Alan Trefler welcomed PegaWorld attendees to the MGM Grand and spoke about how Pega is leading the industry in artificial intelligence (AI), describing the real-world technologies Pega offers that are usable and not just promised. He touched on the unification of customers and partners through Pega technology.

He then spoke about how Pega technology, which is developed as software that PERFECTS software, allowing users to modernize their applications while they are live and operating. Alan showed how Pega is leading the fight to create business processes that are more efficient and that save time and money.

Other Keynotes from Industry Thought Leaders

Sprint: Customer Acquisition and Retention Success

Roger Solé, Sprint's CMO, presented how his company made a dramatic turnaround in customer service success and became an industry leader in customer retention and churn reduction.

Automation, AI, and Customer Engagement


  • Kerim Akgonul, SVP Products for Pegasystems
  • David Mingle, Global Director, Customer Experience Strategy and Enterprise Experiences for General Motors
  • Kushala Silva, Group Director, Innovation and Emerging Technologies for Coca-Cola

These executives discussed how to best use the Pega Platform and Pega's award-winning suite of applications for marketing, sales, and customer service to achieve innovative business process design.

Summarizing Today's News

Pega launched the Pega Paid Media Manager, which features AI-powered capability that serves the most relevant digital advertisements based on real-time analysis of customer interactions across paid and owned channels.

Pega launched the Pega Retail Advisor, which is an AI-powered mobile app that improves in-store experiences for customers by guiding sales associates with recommendations and next best actions from their mobile device.

Pega announced the latest Pega Platform enhancements, which deliver enhanced intelligence, agility, and control, allowing clients to accelerate application development and enhance customer experiences.

Enjoy PegaWorld!

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