Pegaworld 2016: Off to a Great Start

Alan Trefler speaking at Pegaworld 2016
"Day One of Pegaworld started on a fantastic note, with thought-provoking keynotes, exciting announcements, and the opening of the truly awesome Technology Pavilion."

Day One of Pegaworld started on a fantastic note, with thought-provoking keynotes, exciting announcements, and the opening of the truly awesome Technology Pavilion, where you can immerse yourself in digital technology, see over 100 live demos, and meet and chat with the experts.

View from the top

Bright and early this morning, Alan Trefler, our CEO and Founder, welcomed more than 3500 global visionaries to the Grand Garden Arena at the MGM Grand for Pegaworld 2016 – the annual user conference that gathers together thought leaders currently using Pega technology to solve some of the world's most complex business problems.

Interesting, isn't it, that the very same technology that fueled digital transformation now presents a problem: It creates chasms your customers must navigate? New channels become silos, data becomes records, and customers get trapped in complexity of processes.

What if technology could bring you closer to your customers? What if it could help you build personalized, human relationships so you could fulfill your promises easily and effortlessly?

What we learned today

We learned that, yes, technology can do all that – and more.

After Alan Trefler elaborated on interesting and emerging trends in technology, enterprise software, and customer engagement, Jeroen Tas, CEO of Connected Care and Health Informatics for Philips, talked about the way technology can empower connected health.

Connected devices, the cloud, and analytics

In a deeply personal way, Jeroen discussed how Phillips, one of the world's leading healthtech companies, aims to change the delivery of care into a seamless, human-centered experience. Empowered by emerging connected technologies, the Philips HealthSuite cloud platform, the Pega Care Management Application and its powerful data analytics, this revolution in patient care will drive the best possible health outcomes.

Speed, reliability in health insurance

The CEO of Allianz Health Germany, Birgit König, Ph.D., is responsible for about 2.4 billion EUR in revenue, 30 billion EUR in assets and 2.5 million lives insured across Germany.

Currently, Birgit is helping transform Allianz Health from a typical health insurance firm into a data-driven digital organization whose goal it is to make life easier for the customer. "Customer first and digital by default" are the two leading themes in her program.

To that end, Allianz has deployed Pega 7 to meet demands for speed and agility in the front end, with stability and reliability on the back end. Through smart, innovative shifts in how they manage people, technology and systems, Allianz is staying ahead of their competition – often younger, digital-first companies with nothing to lose.

Still evolving

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is ever-changing, as Kerim Akgonul, Pega's Senior Vice President of Products, pointed out in the today's final keynote: CRM Evolved.

Ever the showman, Kerim used his keynote to demonstrate how Pega is using real-time predictive analytics to power Pega Marketing with an interactive experience for all Pegaworld attendees. We also saw the power of (software) robots in a demonstration of Pega's new Robotic Process Automation integration into Pega Customer Service. And we got to meet Peggy, a sassy Boston-based virtual assistant we are prototyping for Pega Sales Automation.

The Tech Pavilion is calling your name

What's most interesting to you? Your connected car or home – or the fact that connected healthcare may make life a lot easier for you, your parents, or other loved ones? Today, Pegaworld attendees are in the Tech Pavilion to see what the future looks like.

Connected car

Pegaworld attendees have been checking out our the Pega connected car, a sweet red Corvette, to discover how Pega uses data from sources such as connected vehicles, drivers, weather forecasts, and cities to make intelligent, predictive decisions that drive issues to resolution.

Connected health

We are also offering interactive tours to discover how Pega and Philips are humanizing managed care services by using connected devices and wearables to personalize patient care and improve health outcomes, all while helping to lower insurance premiums.

Connected life

Donning the latest in virtual reality technology, with googly eyes attached, Pegaworld attendees are getting to explore a continuous, connected experience featuring Cisco and powered by Pega. Starting at work, continuing in a car, and finishing at the slots – we're loving this creative way to showcase how we're empowering companies to bring human elements to the Internet of Things.

Summarizing today's news:

Appreciate the Goo Goo Dolls while we appreciate you!

Our Pegaworld guests will join us tonight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena for the Customer Appreciation Event – an evening of great tunes by the Goo Goo Dolls.  (Remember "Iris" – "When everything's made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am …" Hmmm. Not bad positioning for a tech company, either.)

Just thanking you for helping to make this Pegaworld the best we've ever had!