Pega – Software for Customer Centricity

The more I talk to our clients, the clearer it becomes to me that they are using  Pega to become more customer centric.  They are taking an “outside-in” approach with a laser focus on their customers, making a dramatically improved customer experience a central part of their strategy.  They want to become customer-centric across all functional areas, eliminating silos, inefficiency, and seizing opportunities more rapidly.

Customer centricity enables our clients to stay centered on their customers by using our predictive analytics to help them know what their customers will want, when they will want it, and how. With Pega’s ability to provide real-time, guided interactions across any and all channels, including social media and mobile devices, they can achieve customer delight and optimize business outcomes.  With Pega, clients can be dynamically responsive to any situation or contextual differences – on a global scale. This is key to driving customer centricity throughout the organization. Pega does this while also cutting costs, intelligently automating service requests, and unifying front and back office systems. As part of a self-funding ‘win-win’ approach, Pega clients use the cost savings and new efficiencies they achieve to fund their new customer centric initiatives, creating a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.

Customer centricity also means learning how to adapt better, by listening to the voice of their customers, and changing business processes to better serve the customer. As the leader in BPM, this is exactly what Pega does, taking the best that BPM has to offer and extending it to a whole new level of intelligent predictions, optimized customer experience and adaptive business processes.

Our clients are in a hurry. They give extremely high priorities to customer-facing initiatives, ones that drive growth and expand markets. They can’t wait for the traditional delays they experience with their legacy systems and packaged applications that they cannot easily change. By using Pega they get to start fast with extreme speed and agility creating new applications is as little as 90 days, leveraging the Cloud for instant deployment, and using our flexible industry specific applications to accelerate time to value. And because of how Pega works, clients can actually extend their existing ERP or packaged systems, providing cost savings, increased ROI, and relieving IT of the need for costly upgrades and labor-intensive custom programming that few can afford.

They like the fact that all the capabilities they need are in a single, unified environment. No multiple points of integration. No multiple training paths. No multiple testing environments. No multiple points of latency and potential failure. No separate CRM or BPM or Case Management products. No multiple tools for governance, risk and compliance. No coding. And, most importantly, no versions. The days of static and stagnant versions of applications are over. Pega’s “layering” capability means they have personalized applications that adapt dynamically to customer preference and situations.

So if a one size fits all applications is ok for your customers, and if dramatically improved customer experience and increased loyalty and retention are not hot issues for you, if your pace of change is relatively modest, if you aren’t challenged with the cost and complexity of your application portfolio, and if you don’t have business users clamoring for faster innovation and new functionality, then you may not need Pega.  For many of the world’s most successful companies, however, Pega’s customer-centric software is delivering the returns and benefits that come with transforming from an “inside-out” to an “outside-in” organization.  We invite you to see for yourself how these companies are achieving customer success at PegaWORLD 2011, June 5-7, in Orlando, FL.