Pega Showcases Latest Products and Stands Up to Cancer with Sheryl Crow

Kerim Akgonul showcased the latest Pega products with a demonstration of DevOps technology in Pega’s Customer Decision Hub to modify or add to an application’s capabilities on-the-fly without coding.

PegaWorld started with a challenge from Pega’s Founder and CEO Alan Trefler, who urged attendees to look behind industry marketing efforts for realistic Artificial Intelligence (AI) product information. He spoke about how Pega technology unifies customers and partners, building a link that empowers people to make transactions that meet the goals of both sides of an interaction. He also stressed that organizations need to use technology that makes them more agile and flexible, which while at face value should be a simple step, is something many Business Process Management (BPM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions developers don’t actually do.

Pega does, Trefler stressed. Pega’s applications are built on the Pega Platform, so a simple modification to the platform is immediately passed to the integrated applications, shaping the process on the fly. A simple change to a customer journey, like adding a bot or automated process, hones the success of that transaction. Pega is not just about creating software that writes software. Pega is about software that perfects software, Trefler said.

Trefler also emphasized how Pega has ensured companies looking to become more agile have technology choices. With Pega’s latest partnership announcements with cloud services companies, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft, and Pivotal, the company eliminates vendor lock-in and extends cloud choice. Whether using Pega cloud services, a private cloud, or a hybrid version, agility is a realized Pega promise.

Sprint: Smart Choices Leads to Impressive Results

Sprint CMO Roger Solé described how the telecommunications giant tapped Pega and its Robotics Process Automation and data analytic skills to implement its five-year business reengineering plan, which included extensive network upgrades. Combining Pega technology with a wildly successful marketing campaign (bringing Verizon’s Can You Hear Me Now pitchman Paul Marcarelli on board) and an unlimited data plan, Sprint used personalized real-time decisioning with one-to-one engagements that maintained consistency across all customer channels to turn around its business. With a fast, 90-day implementation, the company saw a 10 percent reduction in customer churn and a 40 percent increase in transactional Net Promotor Score (NPS).

General Motors: Keeping Connected with Customers Between Sales

David Mingle, General Director of Global Customer Experience Execution for General Motors, took part in a bit of Carpool Karaoke with Pega’s SVP of Products, Kerim Akgonul, and then shared with attendees a few upcoming customer engagement plans. Mingle described how customer interactions with GM and its dealers are often years apart. To keep in touch and to create value with in-car customer engagement, GM is using Pega technology to create or support touchpoints. Whether it’s through On-Star, consistent customer agent interactions across channels, or pushing information through a Smart Driver in-car application, GM helps drivers create a digital life in their vehicle and take it with them beyond the car.

Coca-Cola: Reaching out to the Customer Through Mobile Channels

Looking for a Coke? Now you can find a vending machine and pay for your drink electronically. This mobile-based customer journey was presented by Kushala Siva, Group Director of Innovation and Emerging Technologies for the Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Using Pega technology, Coca-Cola will continue to connect with customers in the future with AI-based personas, product suggestions, and even smart bottle technology.

Products, Products, and More Products from Pega

Kerim Akgonul and Stephanie Louis, Director of Mobile Technology for Pega, showcased the latest Pega products with a demonstration of DevOps technology in Pega’s Customer Decision Hub to modify or add to an application’s capabilities on-the-fly without coding. Akgonul also mentioned:

Standing Up to Cancer with Sheryl Crow

Musician Sheryl Crow dazzled PegaWorld attendees with hits old and new, and joined Pega in support of the Stand Up to Cancer charity on her Facebook page and on her Twitter feed. To join Pega and Sheryl, please donate. Every $1 donated will be matched by $1 from Pega and $1 from the Trefler Foundation.

Throw-down in Vegas

Alan Trefler, a chess Master and co-champion of the 1975 World Open Chess Championship, faced 20 customers and prospects at the show. Be sure to view Alan winning 14 games at the PegaWorld Chess Match, which has been seen by a Facebook audience of 17,000. Congratulations to the six challengers who won:

  • Steve Power
  • Vipin Kasarla
  • Aravind Pinto
  • Parisheel Joga
  • Michael Burk
  • Bondan Muliawan

Here’s to a great PegaWorld!

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