The Maverick Returns.....

Theo Priestly, the ‘BPM Maverick’ is up and running with a new BPM focused community web site Where he is continuing to push for innovation in the world of BPM.

I’m very keen to learn from the experiences of others in the BPM community and as an employee of the leader in the BPM market I was also happy to contribute via an online interview to the site content -

I would encourage you to contribute to bpmredux and, of course, the Pegasystems BPM community as your views and experiences are shaping the future of BPM – at least in some products. We at Pegasystems have been hard at work on the next version of PegaRules Process Commander and while I can’t yet share any specific details, I think you will be impressed with the changes we have made.

Look out for product announcements in the coming weeks and do what you can to get to PegaWorld in Philadelphia from April 25th to 27th I think you might well experience a paradigm shift as my friend and colleague, Don Schuerman, was discussing in his recent Pega blog entry.