The Marketing Sea Change

“Sea Change”. I know, you have all heard it before – it means a major change and it might be heading to the illustrious business speak Valhalla, like “paradigm shift” or “synergy.” However, it is an absolutely perfect term for the environment marketing is in today. And we marketers are in the middle of a foremost change. But first…

I had some great feedback and phenomenal questions to my original blog called 5 Steps to Success in marketing. Moreover, based on that feedback and discussion I am amending my steps to the following new listing:

  • Cultural Sea Change for Marketers 
  • Always Contextual
  • Optimize Customer Journey
  • Explode Analytics
  • Enhance Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Marketers need to take the first step and not only admit, but live the changes.

I always hear marketers, customer service representatives, product owners, brand owners, salespersons, CMOs, CMOs, CFOs or etc., in an organization say, “It’s about the customer!” And then we all go into our caves and align ourselves with KPIs and business objectives associated with our day-to-day activities, NOT THE CUSTOMER! Think about it, for example, the outbound marketer sends segmented emails, but there is little thought to any customer service interactions (positive or negative) with customers in that segment. Moreover, each of those customer interactions has different measurements and activities which are not tied to the same KPIs – customer email response rates. Moreover, each employee, or brand ambassador, is incented in a different direction.

So, we are in the midst of a tremendous change (we marketers always are) and we must realize we can embrace the change and with today’s technologies (and our IT partners) use it to connect to the customer and respond to them, thoughtfully, at every precious interaction. We have the ability to leverage: Big Data to deal in real-time information from social or data from devices (cell towers, ibeacons, fitness devices, cars etc.), omni-channel communication, inbound and outbound marketing, analytics and complex event triggered marketing across the entire customer journey. As smart and driven marketers we can orchestrate across a complex technological infrastructure and accompanying fragmented culture for our companies.

“While we marketers may not own the products and channels we can become the ombudsman for change”

Marketers need to be on the forefront of this “Sea Change.” We have always been the custodians of the customer, for organizations and we must become the leaders for change. While we marketers may not own the products and channels (which are very often siloed) we can become the ombudsman for change for the ubiquitous statement “It’s about the customer” – by ensuring we begin to really put the customer at the center of activities, KPIs, incentives and associated activates which drive deeper relationships and stronger relationships.

Accepting and owning change is always your first step toward marketing success.