Making Citizen Service Delivery as Easy as a Dinner Reservation with OpenTable

Tightened budgets. Increased focus on providing better citizen service. Decreased staffing.

These challenges are giving government agency a lot of headaches. But coping with these pain points doesn’t have to be that hard.  In fact, this is the same challenge successfully hurdled by CSC, one of several Pega government customers.  But don’t take my word for it, the results are what count: CSC enrolled 1 million new members in a major citizen benefit program in only six months; reduced training by 50 percent; and the length of enrollment calls by 60 percent.

These results and the growing demand to provide better service in all agencies are why I’m excited to host a public discussion on Oct. 25.  Pega will join hands with an expert in government citizen service, Stefanie Langsam, of SGL Consulting, and one of our own subject matter experts, Steve Krause, Senior Director of CRM product marketing at Pega, will also participate.  Langsam will hit on how agencies can better provide citizen service at all stages of the customer lifecycle. Krause will also discuss just what can be done to help alleviate the significant – but not insurmountable – service problems that today’s government agencies are struggling with. 

This open discussion – set to take place through a one-hour webcast we’re teaming up with InformationWeek Government on – will explore everything from emerging best practices to success stories.  We’ll show how important service delivery is and how it can shape the overall customer experience.  We’ll also highlight how agencies can quickly respond to legislation and policy changes through a low-risk, yet still pragmatic, approach.

As many private sector companies already know, providing high levels of customer satisfaction means being prepared, and executing on strategic plans to structure operations more around the customer.  We at Pega call this customer centricity, and it’s something we’ve always taken seriously.

Now, with resources strained and improved productivity in high demand, it’s a crucial time to implement this approach in the public sector as well. Sure, it’s no easy task, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised how quickly the ball can start rolling.  Wondering just how to do this?

Join me at 2 p.m. Eastern/11 a.m. Pacific on Oct. 25 to learn more.