Leveraging BPM for Oil and Gas

Oil and gas organizations are facing incredible challenges and opportunities.  The challenges span regulatory compliance, governance for drilling, support for green technologies, modernization of aged IT infrastructures, and economic pressures to do more with less.  The oil and gas industry is complex and typically faces shortages in worker experience.   As we saw recently with the offshore BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the end-to-end transparency and visibility of operations is critical in risk mitigation, controlling cost, and regulatory compliance.  Even though alternative energy sources are starting to become compelling with viable options in the near future, the demand for oil and gas is still expected to continue to increase – about 2% per year for oil, and 3% per year for gas.  However, a lot of the business processes in the industry are either ad-hoc, manual, and/or error-prone.

Enter Business Process Management (BPM) Suites.

On December 7, 2010, together with my Pega colleague Jim Bettencourt, I will present a session on “Business Process Management and Agile Enablement in the Oil and Gas Industry” at 4:15 p.m. Central Time at IQPC’s Energy and Process Excellence Network taking place in Houston, Texas.

The main focus of my session is to show how advanced BPM technology can address each and every one of the challenges of the oil and gas industry.  I will answer basic questions such as what are the advantages of implementing BPM Suites in the oil and gas market.  Who benefits from automated policies and procedures in oil and gas?  How does one achieve continuous improvement of processes through BPM in oil and gas economically and without business disruption?  What approaches and methodologies can be used to succeed with BPM initiatives in the industry – including Real-Time Lean Six Sigma?

There is a lot to be covered in such a short time.  If you can make it there, we would love to see you and discuss how BPM can optimize and improve oil and gas processes in all areas: drill site processes, managing rigs, processes to guide/assist/manage workforces, back-office processes, customer-facing (B2C) processes, B2B processes, etc.  Innovation in process automation with BPM, and control, transparency and visibility of processes through BPM provide tremendous opportunities for oil and gas organizations.