Jim Sinur blogs about BAA

So, the Gartner BPM show in London attracted some 300 attendees at the Royal Lancaster Hotel. Our sense, having attended, was the numbers were down a little on previous years but the attendees were more informed with regards to BPM and were keen to get a pragmatic view of the impact BPM was having across the market. It was therefore interesting to see Jim Sinur of Gartner getting excited about a presentation from BAA that highlighted the positive impact BPM technology is having on the operation of aircraft turn-around at Heathrow airport. This is a project I have personally been close to so I was disappointed that Jim didn’t mention that it was Pegasystems Smart BPM technology that was behind the airport scenario planning, complex events, BPM, BAM and rule driven processes in a goal driven manner that he described. In actual fact, PegaRules Process Commander was chosen by BAA on the basis of a short but focussed pilot project that allowed us to demonstrate the viability of our BPM technology as an alternative to procedural programming technologies in building sophisticated real-time applications. Jim’s blog can be seen here:http://blogs.gartner.com/jim_sinur/2010/03/10/bpm-runs-heathrow-airport/ Our work at Heathrow is not finished, there are many aspects of airport management that we believe we can address with BPM and we look forward to a long and successful relationship with BAA on this exciting journey.