Intelligent Business Process -- Making Cities Safer

Great blog from Jim Sinur at Gartner talking about Transport Management Centre (TMC) a government agency in New South Wales, Australia.

This agency has done remarkable things using Pega to intelligently automate the operations of managing traffic flow and incident management. As Jim writes in the blog, the agency covers roads, rail, busses, ferries, and heavy vehicles, with traffic controllers working around the clock. Using Pega, TMC built its FMS or Fault Manage Service, a foundation they can grow on, to monitor and respond to over 20,000 devices, including variable message signs, variable speed limit signs, traffic signals and monitoring. In an event driven world we have to work smarter than ever before, and that’s what TMC has done, using business rules to automate prioritization and escalation to ensure rapid response to the event that matter most first. Managing the process flow to technicians so they work as expeditiously as possible makes obvious sense but when you have an accident on the Sydney Harbor Bridge at rush hour (which I have climbed by the way ) it helps to have an intelligent business process management system helping you to dynamically prioritize and respond!

Thanks to TMC representative Robert Peake for speaking about this amazing success at the Gartner BPM Summit in Sydney, Australia last month. The team gave credit to Pega’s agile methodology and tools but the real credit is to them. It is great to see a solution as important as this delivering real business value in just four (4) months!