Helping Government Transformation Projects Achieve Their Goals

A recent McKinsey Report states that 40% of large scale government transformation projects don’t always meet their goals. That means almost half are failing! This is a staggering percentage, especially when one calculates resources and public dollars at stake. These projects often spanning multiple years, are devoted to achieving this objective. The secret to stemming this tide is “Think Big and Start Small.” Only through the successful implementation of small targeted projects that a strong foundation can be built on can a large scale government transformation achieve transformation and deliver a more streamlined operation that benefits both its agencies and citizens.

Faced with doing more with less, governments are discovering the need to deliver agile platforms that meet their modernization efforts today and in the future. Increasingly citizens are demanding services in line with those they receive from the private sector. Specifically, I’m talking about 24/7 omni-channel delivery.

Government agencies have to emulate the paths that some private sector companies have successfully undertaken. That is, they need to more effectively learn from success and failures, think big, and use an adaptive whole-of-government approach. Only then will this truly allow them to focus on serving the citizens.


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