Have you heard? The Pega 2014 Build for Change Government Forum was Fantastic!

Everyone’s talking about it! Recently Agile government leaders gathered in Sacramento for the Build for Change® Government Forum to share best practices and insights for driving innovation in government. Participants learned of the vital importance of iBPM in delivering digitization and its foundation for agile government, from both Pega thought leaders and California state agency executives.

Key themes such as Digitize to Modernize and Constituent Engagement via a “bottom- up” approach were explored at the event as well as how Unification is becoming even more important in the next era of Human-Centric IT. The forum’s key takeaways for me:

  • Change represents a new way of thinking about the relationship between people and their Government
  • iBPM is the platform that enables organizations to realize the promise of an adaptive digital enterprise
  • Strategy is key to digital government
  • Disruptive technology provides the foundation for the shift in how government connects with, and provides services to, the American people

Carlos Ramos, Director and State CIO, California Department of Technology kicked off the day by citing the need to erase the technical debt of legacy systems and eliminate the burden they pose on agencies. Carl Engel, Chief Strategy Officer for Zachman International, reinforced Carlos’ observation stating that "Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) solutions become legacy when they go live, as you can’t adapt them to changing needs".

M. Nabil Fares, Deputy Director and Chief Information Officer, California Department of Public Health (CDPH), spoke of his agency’s need to deliver a platform that would allow CDPH to move beyond a transactional data-centric view to a customer-centric view. “Prior to Pega, all of the business units were processing some form of license. Our best case (at the Department of Public Health) to issue licenses was six weeks. With Pega, we can issue licenses in 2 days. We chose Pega as it was the best technology to support the 214 business units we support. After the first success with Pega, we already have 18 other projects lined up to use Pega."

These valuable insights from agile thought leaders prompted thought-provoking discussions. Participants left energized and with a renewed commitment to Digitize to Modernize to deliver an adaptive digital enterprise via iBPM. The dynamic event was best summarized by Carl Engel when he said, "The “i” in iBPM should be for inspiration. The successes with BPM give organizations inspiration!"

The Future of Digital Public Services
Learn how digital innovation has helped government agencies enabled changes that appear small on the surface, but which have had a monumental impact on customer service and efficiency.