The Final Countdown - A Top 10 Wish List for Un-Marketing

Marketers, you are like a modern Santa, with access to real-time big data.

Hello Marketers, as a consumer I’ve been thinking about my top 10 wish list for the holidays:

10. I realize you have great presents for me. Yet before you decide what to get me, figure out why I might need it. You might call that “Know Your Customer.”

9. Perhaps I’ve never heard of your present. Tell me quickly and concisely why I need it. Perhaps you call that a “Value Proposition.”

8. Don’t make me work miracles learning about it. Marketers, you are like a modern Santa, with access to real-time big data – you know if I’m sleeping or awake; my exact location, etc. – use it wisely.

7. Although I appreciate your wrapping paper, what makes my face light up is the actual present. Work closely with your product and engineers to ensure your product is indeed awesome.

6. If I need your present, I don’t mind hearing your passionate stories. But please don’t take long because I’m busy, and entertain me as you won’t have my attention for long.

5. Note if I actually like your stories and learn from that. Like a comedian, use great material and timing. If I’m not responding, then change things up.

4. Once I’m engaged, treat the moments like we are friends. If you’re interesting and friendly, we continue to interact and deepen our relationship.

3. Never sell to me, help me buy. Point me to helpful information that demonstrates your present has value and is fairly priced. Refer me to those I trust that prove they love it too.

2. If I tell you, “it’s not the greatest gift”, respect that. Worse than me not wanting your gift, is if I accept it and later tell others how useless it was.

1. And my #1 wish - although it’s true that “If you are a Mass Marketer, you spend big bucks on poorly targeted advertising… it’s what you do.”… please stop that because I’m not listening and it’s not working!