Extreme Trust and Insurance

Is your insurance company “trustable”?  We co-hosted a great webinar yesterday with Martha Rogers of Peppers & Rogers on the topic of trust.  I was struck by a few key points:

The rise of social networks is diminishing the importance of advertising relative to the reality of delivering a superior customer experience.  Back in the 90s a company could make all sorts of claims about its product through mass advertising that mostly went unverified.   Today, people are always evaluating your product or service and sharing their opinion with all of their friends – you have to walk the walk.  An advertising campaign that is not founded on truth will soon be exposed.

That means that companies need to be trustable.  Trustability is about:

  • Doing things right
  • Doing the right thing
  • Being proactive

Which is much more than being trustworthy. A trustworthy insurance company faithfully and accurately pays the claims associated with an event like Hurricane Sandy. A trustworthy insurance company calls ALL of its policyholders in the affected area to check to see that they are fine – an actual example shared by one of the participants on our call.

Please feel free to check out the recorded version of the webinar at: