Every Customer Conversation is a Moment of Truth

This Thursday, February 13, at 2 PM Eastern I am leading a webinar with CRM expert Martha Rogers and Insurance Networking News on this very topic. The webinar will center on how to leverage customer centricity for profitable growth. Why is customer centricity such a hot topic in the market today?

Well, I believe, it’s because the digital economy has changed the rules of the game. It is more challenging to serve the socially connected consumer. Today’s customer is more informed, more connected and expects to be treated as an individual with personalized services directly aligned to their specific needs and wants. Therefore, to be customer centric, it is imperative that you are able to have an intelligent, connected conversation with the customer, without missing a beat. The way in which you conduct this conversation and offer your services will fundamentally alter the policyholder’s relationship with your company. It will create a lasting impression – for better or worse – as it represents that moment when you can deliver an experience that either increases customer loyalty or drives the customer to defect.

So what exactly is Customer Centricity? It is about transforming every facet of your enterprise to STOP thinking inside-out and begin thinking outside-in. In other words, stop being a product centric organization and become entirely customer focused in everything you do…your product is only a small part of the business success equation. Customer centricity is about putting the customer’s needs, desires, and wants at the heart of your business and thereby providing them with an impeccable “Customer Experience”.

Why is this important? Simply put, if you don’t do this, you will lose market share or, even worse, go out of business. As I touched upon I my previous blog titled, “Hello, I’m Your Customer, Wanna Play”, today’s connected consumer has blown up the very notion of customer relationship management. The bottom line is that they are not interested in a “relationship”. They certainly do not want to be managed, and they don’t want to be sold to. They expect your company to be as centered around them as they are centered on themselves. Therefore, your ability to deliver an experience that satisfies their specific needs as the conversation unfolds can mean the difference between a high-value, long-term customer relationship – or a quick defection.

Needless to say, providing a customer centric experience is a huge challenge for many insurance companies. The main reason: outdated business practices and technology. Many insurers’ systems are incapable of keeping pace with the new demands of their policyholders. In order for insurance companies to truly become customer centric they need game-changing strategies and technology to effectively interact with today’s social consumer. I encourage you to attend the webinar and join the interactive dialogue. Key points we will cover are:

  • The consumer mindset of today’s digital insurance economy
  • Challenges to contemplate when considering customer centricity
  • Key ingredients required to implement a customer centric business model
  • Real life examples, insight and tools to empower success

Join us on February 13th at 2:00PM ET / 11:00AM PT for this one-hour webinar for carriers who seek to increase policyholder loyalty and retention through every interaction.


Missed the webinar? Watch the replay of the Every Customer Conversation is a Moment of Truth webcast here.