Enabling Companies to Keep Every Customer Promise

Customer service delivery has generally improved over the last decade. How could you claim otherwise? Social, web and mobile capabilities have made their way into customer service systems and consumers have more access to support than ever before. The proliferation of service channels is a good thing and will continue to be driven by technology innovation. So, why do customer satisfaction scores remain stagnant? One could say it’s because of rising customer expectations, but I don’t agree. That’s only part of the problem. There’s a much larger concern: there’s a long-standing and crucial technology disconnect within nearly every customer service (e.g. CRM) system that leaves consumers and businesses wanting more.

That disconnect is between the outside (CRM) systems and the inside or internal systems that support them. Due to the legacy definition and products, traditional CRM systems are only capable of dealing with customer-facing interactions where customer information, requests and/or orders are captured. But capturing the information, request or order is only the tip of the iceberg. How companies respond and keep their promise is more important. That’s the crucial disconnect where the marriage of CRM and Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities shine – it enables companies to keep their promises to their customers.

Organizations that have purchased or built disparate systems of record on the inside to record data, respond to inquiries, or fulfill orders are neglecting a cohesive CRM powered by BPM strategy that resolves this fundamental disconnect.

One company that solved this problem using a cohesive and complete technology solution is OCBC Bank, headquartered in Singapore. OCBC reinvented the customer & staff experience across its 500 branches to drive a 40% improvement in customer satisfaction, a 10% increase in number of products set up during account opening, and a 50% increase in accounts set up during the first 90 days following account opening. The system, called ROME (Relationship Onboarding Made Easy), has been enormously successful and has been subsequently extended to all of their service channels.

So I ask the question, “As companies think about customer experience from the outside in, should they only invest in an ‘outside technology’ to handle more customer interactions, or should companies invest in technology that can seamlessly execute the end-to-end customer experience from the outside in?”

To me the answer is clear. Companies should invest in Software that combines all the rich relationship functionality of CRM with all the execution power of BPM because it delivers entire solutions from the outside in that keep promises. That’s what your customers want!


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