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Employee Spotlight: Jo – public relations expert hitting all the right notes

Employee spotlight: Jo – Public relations expert hitting all the right notes

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Welcome to our Employee Spotlight series where we discuss #LifeAtPega with various team members across the organization. Today we chatted with Jo, a member of our EMEA marketing team since 2008, to find out what she loves about public relations, how she found her way to Pega, and why she loves flying small planes.

What do you love about marketing and communications?

Nothing gives me a bigger buzz than seeing a fabulous piece of media coverage that we’re featured in. We’re here to help our clients deliver the personalized and delightful experiences that their customers expect. If a journalist recounts a customer telling the story of their journey with Pega and how it’s improved their business outcomes – that’s our job done! I also love working in a team of people that are world-class. Alan as a spokesperson is pretty much a PR dream, and we have a stable full of brilliant, smart, and talented spokespeople who help to tell the world why we are here.

Describe your career journey. What led you to Pega?

I didn’t start out as a tech-head. First, I was a radio reporter contributing to a daily magazine program on a station called BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) while living in and moving around Europe. When I came back to U.K., I joined a tech PR agency and learnt my trade for about six years. Then I went in-house and worked for a couple of companies and got to the point of looking for a new challenge. I was in discussions with a few big companies (Microsoft and Amdocs) when an opening came up at Pega in Reading. It looked interesting, and then I saw what the analysts were saying about Pega and I got very interested – they loved this company! I came in to interview and everybody else faded away. Pega EMEA was small at the time, less than 100 people… but I could smell the opportunity and I wanted to be part of it. That was 10 years ago. The rest is history.

How has your career developed here?

Really positively. When I joined a decade ago, it was a very different place. There were less people in the Pega EMEA region and, within reason, I felt like I could do anything I wanted to here if I could make the case for it being a good idea. We had that buzzy, entrepreneurial feeling. I’ve grown up with the EMEA business. I’ve gone through the transition of being a new manager at Pega to a director with plenty of Pega experience and plenty of business experience in all sorts of diverse areas. I still think that we have that same feeling of trying things, challenging, and daring to be different.

I also feel that Pega is investing in developing me, too… last year I completed the Managers Certification Program, which is a six-month course that helps us to be the best managers we can be. I loved every minute, learning new stuff, and finding new and interesting colleagues to help me. I really appreciated the investment that Pega made in my professional development.

What do you enjoy about our culture?

We live in a very challenging world right now with a lot of “ugly” out there. Pega is an inclusive company and we welcome everybody. We run on respect, integrity, and trust. We know how to have fun, we are fabulous at socializing, and we care about each other. People feel safe amongst the people here.

What advice do you have for people looking to expand their career at Pega?

Get involved with things that truly add value. Network, communicate, keep yourself informed, and recognize good opportunities that come your way. People are very giving here and will help you. Take feedback graciously and decide what you can act upon and improve at.

In your lifetime, what do you think has been the most impactful piece of technology?

I’d love to say something really noble that has been used in healthcare to save lives, but I have to stay true to my roots as a communications professional, so it’s going to be mobile devices. They've changed everything, and now people do so much on their devices that they feel naked without them. My first piece of technology was the original Sony Walkman, and I couldn’t imagine anything coming along to top it – it rocked my world. Literally.

What else rocks your world? What do you make time to do outside of the office? Why do you enjoy it?

My husband has a pilot’s license, so when the weather allows – we go flying. It’s quite an intense thing to do but you have to give yourself over to it and immerse yourself in what you’re doing, so you have no choice but to shut everything else out. My personal thing is that I take weekly singing lessons – for no other reason than I think there’s nothing more joyful in life than singing your heart out. I appreciate the process of deconstructing a song and figuring out what I can do with myself to be able to sing it.

Want to work with Jo? We’re on a mission to connect, engage, and empower people. Visit Careers at Pega for a full listing of available opportunities around the globe, and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor.