Congratulations to J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services!

Congratulations to J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services!

It’s always great to hear about our customers’ successes. That’s why, like many of my colleagues, I want to congratulate J.P. Morgan Worldwide Securities Services (WSS) for the innovations recently highlighted on Financial Technologies Forum.  Put simply, WSS, a leading global provider of custody, fund accounting, and administration and securities services to the world's largest institutional investors, is reaping significant ROI through technical innovation and customer-centricity.

A two-part series titled, “A New IT Backbone for J.P. Morgan’s WSS,” details how the innovative global financial services organization is driving down development costs and improving time to market.  Like many other Pega clients, WSS chose to take an agile approach, and the results are clear: tighter IT/business collaboration and faster development times are driving agility.  Richard Anfang, Managing Director and Chief Information Officer for WSS, perhaps summed it up best:

“Two years ago, I’d say the vast majority of software development was done in a conventional, waterfall approach and that allowed us to tap into lower-priced development resources on a global basis,” Anfang says. The conventional approach of a lot of back and forth communication — business requirements, high-level, detailed design documents and so on — was wearing thin. “We’re finding that by adopting an Agile methodology for all our client-facing technology, we’re improving time to market by 30 percent. We’re also reducing costs by 30 percent and we’re finding that we’re delivering much better tailored solutions to help solve our clients’ problems.”

WSS serves over 4,000 clients in more than 50 locations worldwide. With over $17 trillion in assets under custody and $7 trillion under administration, it’s easy to see how WSS needs advanced technology so it can deliver consistently high levels of customer service.  Automating complex processes to deliver information to clients when, where and how they want it is paramount.

Congratulations to JPMC on being recognized for its commitment to an exceptional client experience through technology innovation and agile software delivery.  WSS has made significant strides in service delivery excellence, and we’re thrilled to be a part of your team.