Communications Service Providers Don't Know Jack

In my first sales job out of college I worked in an office with a salesman named Jack.  Jack was a wily veteran who never appeared to be working hard, but was always among the company’s top producers.  Jack drove me nuts.  No matter how hard I worked, how many calls I made, he outsold me 10:1.  Now, with 25 years of experience in business I can look back and identify one critical secret to his success: he relentlessly managed his time, investing most of it in his best prospects and customers.

Today, the Communications Service Providers (CSPs) I work with face a world where competition is fierce, and in order to remain competitive they must grow smarter about how they effectively invest their time with customers.  They need to work like Jack – and invest the most time in the customers that generate the most business.  While this was natural behavior for Jack across a portfolio of maybe 100 customers, doing it across a portfolio of tens of millions of customers requires organizational changes, statistical insight, and sophisticated technology.  This concept of investing based on customer value is called “Customer Value Management”, and I’m excited about a new podcast and ebook we recently developed in collaboration with Accenture Interactive to introduce this concept. 

These assets were created from conversations between Dr. Jeriad Zoghby (Accenture Interactive), Dr. Rob Walker (Pega) and myself, where we discuss the evolution of Customer Value Management with Pega’s Russell Keziere.  Our discussion offers different viewpoints:  Jeriad’s perspective on customer investment strategies, Rob’s perspective on strategy execution, and my perspective on how CSPs are applying these principles in practice. 

Listen to podcast and view ebook

Both Pega and Accenture Interactive have worked with many CSPs over the last few years, framing their initiatives to align customer investment to customer value, and enabling them to recapture incremental margin using Customer Value Management principles.  I hope these assets help you become more like Jack. 

You can listen to the podcast and download the ebook here.  A transcript of the podcast also is available.