In a Changing CRM World, Pega Remains a Winner

2016 CRM Watchlist
We’re pleased to share that CRM expert and influencer Paul Greenberg recently listed Pegasystems in the prestigious 2016 CRM Watchlist.

At Pega, we are constantly evolving to deliver the best possible customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to our clients, enabling them to build deeper, personalized relationships with their customers. While our clients’ success is the most validating reward for the work that we do, it is always exciting to receive industry recognition. We’re pleased to share that CRM expert and influencer Paul Greenberg recently listed Pegasystems in the prestigious 2016 CRM Watchlist. We are extremely honored; out of more than 130 companies that submitted their applications, Pega was selected for the “Winners” category.

While Greenberg plans to publish individual evaluations of each winner in the coming weeks, he did notice some prevailing trends from this year’s submissions. One was that more and more providers are packaging their CRM solutions as not just applications but as overall platforms. Pega of course has long been known for its platform approach, so this shift is encouraging to see and validates our proven approach. At Pega, we bring all of our CRM applications (Pega Sales & Onboarding, Pega Marketing, and Pega Customer Service) together in a single, unified platform. Doing so enables us to deliver a solution that connects all aspects of an organization, enabling brands to break down internal siloes for seamless, customer-centric journeys during all interactions.

Another interesting trend Greenberg noted was an increased emphasis in sales acceleration, optimization, and enablement within the submissions. This came as no surprise to us at Pega, as we have long rallied against old school sales force automation from vendors that do little more than serve as lead and pipeline tracking systems. The new game is not about increasing sales visibility, which is just table stakes. Instead, it is about sales velocity and finally putting something in the hands of the front line sales teams that can actually make them more effective – closing more sales in a shorter timespan with less cost and effort. Greenberg refers to this as “sales optimization,” and we are thrilled to see this called out in the submissions.

Lastly, Greenberg called out an upswing in customer engagement, especially customer journeys. This is the crux of a CRM solution. If a CRM solution can’t deliver on meaningful customer engagement throughout the customer journey, there’s a risk of losing the customer. Offering recommendations for each customer based on data analytics is the best way to create meaningful customer experiences throughout the journey. This is why real-time decisioning is such a critical part of the Pega platform that unpins all of our applications; being able to truly know your customer and their context is one of the most important elements to a CRM solution to create happier, more loyal customers.

It’s refreshing to see an increase in these three key trends, as Pega considers them all priority areas in the inevitable shift in CRM. These trends are certainly going to continue shaping the future of how brands engender meaningful customer relationships, and we plan to be at the forefront of this evolution. We look forward to seeing what next year’s CRM Watchlist will bring!

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