The Business Value of Connectivity and the Internet of Things at Pegaworld 2016

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Spoiler alert: Connectivity and IoT will play starring roles at Pegaworld 2016.

Spoiler alert: Connectivity and IoT will play starring roles at Pegaworld 2016.

Keynotes, presentations, and demos will feature innovative and pragmatic IoT case studies that establish the business value of connected devices within end-to-end strategic applications enabled through Pega’s Digital Transformation platform. Highlights include:

Connected Vehicles

Connected vehicles allow not only for travel adventures but also for high safety standards. Robust digital prescriptive maintenance supports both preventive (vs. reactive) maintenance and sensors for “next best action” options. End-to-end connectivity with dealers and customer service representatives means a quick, automated resolution of the case, either for preventive maintenance or a more immediate issue.

Connected Health

Connected Health devices like inhalers and oximeters enable monitoring, analysis, and then resolution via case managers. Industry care guidelines are digitized and automated to help the care manager and physician provide the best prescriptions for the patient. In addition to IoT connectivity of monitoring devices, the end-to-end digital transformation solution leverages Cloud and connected devices.

To put this in perspective, Jeroen Tas, CEO of Connected Care and Health Informatics at Philips, will speak on Connected Health in a keynote that looks at how smart devices and the internet have revolutionized the way patients, clinicians, and healthcare organizations collaborate in the management and delivery of care. No longer is health data trapped in paper charts and filing systems: Healthcare devices now let patients receive care in the settings of their choice, with fully connected mobility

Connected Lifestyle

For your connected office or your connected home, you can have experience the connected lifestyle in the demo of advanced Cisco IoE – Internet of Everything – products, including switches and routers. The demo at the Tech Pavilion will immerse you in a virtual world, letting you visualize the environment and interact with it.

For a look at the global picture, don’t miss the keynote on Digitizing and Creating Customers for Life by Cisco’s Gilles Leyrat, Senior Vice President of Cisco, our customer and partner.

Machine Health

Pega Machine Health lets organizations optimize the operational health and performance of the connected devices – their "Things" – and do it proactively.

Leveraging Pega's Decision Hub and Dynamic Case Management, customers can enhance the operational performance of a device through the sensing conditions – analyzing real-time event data, correlating to reference information, and prescribing the next-best-action for failure prevention.

This includes the potential for issuing automatic updates of machine software, taking actions to command and control systems and things, and coordinating machine servicing via field service. There will be demos on Pega Machine Health. For details, check the Adaptive Digital Factory.

For all these use cases – as well as additional innovative IoT and Connectivity case studies from Pega partners - there will be also some interesting demos at the Technology Pavilion.

Breakout Sessions: Several breakout sessions cover IoT, and a recurring theme is the business value of IoT. So you definitely don’t want to miss the breakout session moderated by Bruce Williams on “IoT Reality: How Companies are Using Pega to Capture IoT Business Value.”

For a complete list with breakouts and boot camps, check out the Pegaworld 2016 agenda.

With a chance to see how GM OnStar, Cisco, and New South Wales Transportation are using the Pega Platform to build IoT solutions that create real business value, you may conclude this is the best Pegaworld yet!