Building for Change® in Government

Pictured above (from left) are Dave Dantus, Public Sector Global Business Line Leader & Director of NA Sales for Pega; John Fowler, IT Manager, Texas Workforce Commission; Chris Smith, CTO, Accenture Federal Government; Mitch Herkis, Director of Government Affairs, NASCIO; Thom Rubel, VP of Research for IDC.


Wow!  Simply amazing.  Action-packed. Informative.  And exhausting.  Those are the first words that come to mind to describe my first PegaWORLD conference.  It was the most innovative, educational and enjoyable conference I have ever attended.  This year it boasted the largest-ever attendance of public-sector executives, including a well-attended expert panel focusing on how agencies can Build for Change ®.

The conference, which highlighted approximately 50 success stories from our partners and customers, showed how much innovation they have driven. Listening to the significant results our customers have achieved made me realize what an impact Pega technology has had for leading organizations, such as Lloyd’s Bank reducing complaints by 75% and errors by 50%, AIG supporting thousands of users across 130-plus countries in ONE system, Bank of America contending with more than 2,000 regulatory changes in home lending in one year, and Cisco creating an integrated view into their supply chain where they can simulate changes before they take effect. Several public sector clients highlighted their returns as well.

Our CEO, Alan Trefler, spoke about the need for organizations to implement systems of innovation and systems of differentiation to help distinguish their business.  In the public sector, that translates to implementing technology that will help government agencies prepare for change by unifying their existing systems.  Agencies need to think differently and act differently, while leveraging their existing investments but tying them together using outcomes/process based technology where change is implemented quickly – and only has to be implemented once.

We also heard from many government agencies that are delivering great results by doing exactly this.  The Transport Management Centre in New South Wales, Australia, won the Gartner “Best Use of BPM” award this year for their Fault Management Solution, which monitors and responds to more than 20,000 devices, including variable message signs, variable speed limit signs, and traffic signals.    NSW Transport Management Centre and the Texas County and District Retirement System were honored with Pega’s Build for Change Government Awards for 2013.  TCDRS is modernizing their legacy systems progressively and rapidly.  Already, they have developed an on-line application process where prospective employers are guided through all of the steps in the process.

Pega’s Government Team also hosted a well-attended panel, representing International, Federal, State and Local thought leaders where the “new normal of rapid change” across the Public Sector was discussed and debated.  It was interesting to hear how every level of government was being impacted in a similar fashion, and the consensus around the need for changing the way technology is implemented and the way work gets done.  Government needs more leaders of innovation, like Christine Calvosa of the USDA, John Fowler of the Texas Workforce Commission, and Chris Ruwoldt from NSW Transport Management Center. These executives are willing to challenge the status quo and has realized there is a better way. 

I’m excited about next year’s PegaWORLD, which will be held in National Harbor, Maryland, mere miles away from Washington, D.C. …. And I’m looking forward to hearing from many more of our public sector customers who are changing the way work gets done and realizing staggering results through Pega’s Build for Change® technology in their agencies.