BPM Go Live: Using BPM to Build Process-Driven CRM

In the initial go live phase we exceeded the expectations for SLAs and also delivered an average handling time of less than the expected result of 550 – 600 seconds.  This solution also provides the client’s customer service representatives (CSRs) with a much more sophisticated tool set to help them in answering and tracking the inquiries they receive from their members and customers.  With a peak user load of about 500 users, it was rewarding to see that we were exceeding the client’s expectations and helping to transform their call center operations.  The current economic climate has caused companies to focus even further on their customer service initiatives, and more efficiently meet the needs of their customers.  BPM is positioned to provide more innovative CRM solutions through process-driven CRM initiatives that align CRM strategy with BPM initiatives that have an emphasis on customer processes.  Such thinking about CRM will allow companies to deliver customer value and a better overall customer experience .