BPM Go Live: Supporting Growth and Improved Customer Service

This organization was focused on continued growth, while offering improved service that would keep up with the changing needs of their customers.  The customer was looking for a solution that would automate the flow of tasks required to complete the prior authorization of prescribed medications for various clients and lines of business.  Our team was able to work with our partners and the client to get this solution up and running in less than ten weeks (defined, developed, and deployed). When I see projects like this, it reinforces the importance of agility in this current climate.  Business need to Build for Change so that they can quickly adapt to meet client needs or market conditions.  This go live is typical of the types of projects that Pegasystems is currently seeing.  Client want to control their IT costs, but they also want to better serve their customers.  Projects that can achieve both of these objectives (as well as pay for themselves in the short term) are the ones that are thriving in these times.  We are thrilled to be working on so many of these types of projects as they show the true benefit that Pega’s solutions (as well as BPM in general) can deliver.