BPM Go Live: Managing New Business to Drive Better Customer Experience

We just had a go live with one of the largest health plan administrators in the market. This project focused on managing new business as well as processing renewals from existing customers. Rules-driven BPM is a strong solution to manage new business because its goal is really to eliminate many of the manual, paper-based steps which organizations have in place for such business functions.

By tying rules to help route work to the correct outlets, new business can be managed more efficiently, and customers get better service from the start of the relationship. Many clients form their impression of a business based on their first experience with an organization.

If a new client can be efficiently on-boarded by an organization, it goes a long way towards getting the relationship off on the right foot. Many of our clients are better able to manage the volume of new business that their organizations are seeing through their use of BPM, but we must also remember that there is also a tremendous return on the other end of that equation, in that customers who receive great experience from the start are building better relationships with organizations, that can drive further benefit down the line.