BPM Go Live: Global Banking Giant uses SmartBPM to offer Dynamic and Personalized Service

We just had a great go-live with one of world’s top global financial institutions.  We’re excited about this implementation because it so closely aligns with one of their key strategic objectives and leverages some of the unique capabilities of SmartBPM.

Specifically, the bank, which has a strong brand in numerous countries, had a CRM goal to give its business people the power to directly update the business logic that drives special customer offers. It wanted its front-line people, those who know the market the best, to use their market knowledge for competitive advantage.

With SmartBPM, the firm’s customer services unit now has an advanced decision-making solution for generating, prioritizing and delivering unique multi-channel offers to individual customers based on specific context.

This is something that Gartner calls “context aware computing” and this implementation is a great example of it. What could be more context aware than a system that takes into consideration the customer’s circumstances and actions at any specific moment?  Thanks to the advanced rules engine capability to drive and govern real-time processes in SmartBPM, the most appropriate, personalized offer can find the right customer at the right moment through the most appropriate channel. 

Frankly, this go-live is a credit to the entire team of incredibly creative and innovative folks who truly get how you can use SmartBPM for competitive advantage. Today’s banks are doing their best to win market share, and with a wide array of products and services to offer, they need to be selective and discrete in where, how, when, and through which channel, they make an up-sell offer.  But they also need to move at Internet speed, so they don’t lose an opportunity.

This is just a terrific example of why using rules to provide dynamic decision support is a smart strategy. Not only does the firm reduce cycle times, streamline future development costs and help prioritize work, but it is also delivering positive, meaningful customer experiences which enable it to stay ahead of the competition. And the last time I checked, the customer always comes first!