BPM Go Live: Extending Legacy Apps Through Wrap & Renew

This week, we had a go live with one of Europe’s largest telecommunications providers on a project that delivered greater efficiency to their contract billing account settlement. They are using BPM to integrate to their back-office billing solution to further automate the handling of client accounts.

This is one of the largest billing systems in Europe, and by being able to drive further efficiency by wrapping and renewing around their legacy applications, they are now able to process a much greater amount of billing transactions. To put it in perspective, the solution now handles the amount of work that seven full time employees used to manually process in one year in approximately six hours. That is a truly staggering return on investment.

This project also shows the power that BPM can deliver to existing legacy applications. We have worked with a number of organizations all over the world who use BPM to extend the functionality of existing back-office systems. This is a concept that we refer to as “wrap and renew”, since we are able to wrap around the existing application and deliver or renew greater functionality. Such projects are usually able to deliver rapid, cost-effective returns on investment to our clients, as well as show them the benefits that BPM can deliver to their organizations.