BPM Go Live: Elevating BPM into a Core Enterprise App.

We recently had a go live project for a retirement service automation project with one of the largest financial services and insurance firms in the U.S. This new system incorporated an inquiry solution which tracks defined benefits and contributions as well as managing the transition function of defined contributions.

This solution drastically simplifies their current separate benefit and contribution inquiry workflows into one common workflow item which includes participant inquiry and research, plan sponsor inquiries, and verification income and deposits. This release is part an ongoing program to automate the workflow and user interfaces for the entire organization, eliminating manual processes and simplifying end-user activity.

Our team is already busy working with the client on the next round of projects to roll out later this year. This organization has embraced BPM as a core enterprise application that is helping to transform the way in which their business operates. This is also a testament to the benefits that BPM solutions provide. This organization was able to see a rapid return on their investment, which led to further initiatives where this disruptive technology can provide similar benefits. We see this radiation in a number of our client projects, and it is rewarding to see how these organizations are taking the success that they have seen with BPM and elevating it to become a component of their core enterprise applications.