BPM Go Live: Building Agility by Knocking Down Silos

We just had a client go live with one of the largest regional health insurance companies in the U.S.  The project focused on establishing a new rate quoting application that replaced two systems that handled this process previously, but did not integrate with each other and created some duplicate work for various departments.  The new system is the cornerstone of the clients' new delivery platform, and serves several hundred brokers, dozens of aggregating agencies, and hundreds of direct users, and will be a key factor in organizational success moving forward.

I am reminded of how siloed the systems of many organizations still are in this day and age.  Many of the organizational efficiency initiatives we see still involve the breaking down o such silos so that departments and business units can work together more efficiently and effectively to better serve their customers.  The old way of doing things is no longer sufficient, and there are numerous methods to ensure that information can be shared and exchanged between multiple systems.  We work on a number of such projects every year, and it is amazing how much more agile businesses become after this transformation takes place.  It enables better customer experience, as well a a lower cost of service to the organization, creating a win-win situation for both the company, and its clients.