BPM Go Live: BPM = Mission Critical Application

We just had a go live with one of the leading regional healthcare providers in the U.S. This organization has been a great customer of ours over the years, and they recently migrated to our latest SmartBPM suite.

This organization has continuously strived to streamline and improve their core business operations. BPM has become a mission critical application, as it supports the areas of claims, call center, and enrollment processing. With all of the recent reports about the growth in the BPM sector, it is even more effective when I see how BPM has spread throughout some of our customer organizations, and has indeed become a “mission critical enterprise application”.

This particular organization is using our solutions to help manage their processes around new business and case management , as well as deliver better customer experience. These processes are the lifeblood of this organization, and they have placed their trust in Pega to help them meet, and often exceed, their business objectives. As a matter of fact, Pegasystems solutions currently support healthcare plans covering approximately 125 million lives. That helps us put into perspective just how critical BPM has become to such clients, and why we strive to help them continue to drive further efficiency and better overall customer experience.