BPM as 3 in 1 Oil? How about 4 in 1?

I've been thinking about differing visions for BPM offered by our friends at Forrester and Gartner.

The former likes to think of human centric,  systems centric and document centric BPM and they arrange their research accordingly.  The latter likes to envision a BPM suite that can do all three.  I think both are missing the need for BPM to take over CRM and add customer interaction management to the mix.

What good is a process if it doesn't go all the way out to the customer, so that it can learn from what the customer says and does? Isn't this a more holistic view of the entire round-trip? We can engage in process modeling until we are blue in the face but if we don't take the chance, the risk, of letting the ultimate consumers of the process to interact dynamically, we are missing a huge opportunity?

Waiting for BI data to come back after the fact and reconstruct the trends and experience seems so, well, Web 1.0. I certinaly respect the Forrester commentaries and it is get to a perspective with a focus on document processes or for orchestrating system to system processes, all good. But I think we need to up the ante and ask more of BPM. What do you think? Isn't a 4 in 1 oil better than having to scramble for four different oil cans?