Agility: More than Just a Buzzword

At Pega, we think change in the communications and media market is not only rapid, but accelerating.  As a result, the “old way” of building, implementing, and changing business support (BSS), operational support (OSS), and customer relationship management (CRM) systems is increasingly putting Communications Service Providers at risk.  Let’s just for a moment consider a real-world example: streaming video.    


Here in North America last week, Comcast (a large Broadband ISP and Cable provider) told Level3 (a large distributor of internet video content) that it wants Level3 to start paying Comcast for delivering video content the last mile.  This request flies in the face of the existing and long-standing “peering” agreements between them that have allowed them to ship each other’s content free of charge.  Whatever the parties (or the government) ultimately decide in this case, it marks a threshold moment where a staggering change to the fundamental business model is going to have significant technology support ramifications. 


  1. All of a sudden, it’s a new ballgame on content pricing.  Today, Comcast pays the distributor to deliver some content (e.g. ESPN), yet is in this case demanding payment for distribution from Level3.  Going forward, as market power rapidly shifts back and forth between the owners of the eyeballs (Comcast) and the distributors of the content (Level3), the agility required to support the desired business models will continue to increase. 

  2. Online video traffic growth is showing NO sign of leveling off.  Thirty five hours of YouTube content is now added to the Internet every minute.  Netflix’s streaming service now represents more than 20% of peak downstream internet traffic – unbelievable considering the service didn’t exist until 2007.


For organizations to react and capitalize on these changes, they must be able to make rapid changes to their underlying technology infrastructure.  Doing that with legacy BSS, OSS, and CRM systems will be increasingly difficult.  So in this market, agility is more than buzzword bingo.  It’s real, and it’s happening right now. 


Whether it’s in communications and media, or a handful of other markets, our advanced technology enables an unprecedented degree of agility by giving business users control over the change management process and reducing reliance on IT staff.  In a space where drastic change is the norm, organizations need better visibility into operations and more consistent business processes in order to see rapid returns on their investments.  These objectives are what keeps our world-class customers ahead of their competition.