Agile for Gov

Is your government department or agency wondering how to best implement and support agile solution development? Well, you’re not alone. As with any new way of doing something, the best way to learn is often through the sharing of information – best practices, lessons learned, and proposed process changes from others who have already started down the path.

During my government journeys, I have met with some agencies that are doing agile well, others that are struggling, and some that are still depending on traditional waterfall methodologies. Regardless of where your agency lands in the agile maturity curve, learning new information and sharing information between your peers is always valuable.

As I mention in my e-book Agile Government: The Digital Government Imperative, an agile approach to software development is the ideal solution for government agencies as it can significantly reduce implementation time, costs and risks, while enabling rapid response to change. The benefits of agile are widespread, but as many of you know, you need to do it properly in order to succeed.

For these reasons and more, I’m proud to be part of a newly formed group called Agile for Gov. AfG’s mission is to foster awareness and create and aggregate resources that will make it easier for those implementing agile development to access information and get support from their peers within the public sector. Their mission statement says it all:

"By bringing applied agile practices to government, we want to redefine the culture of local, state and federal public sector service delivery across all aspects of government. We will work with agile professionals and organizations to support their work in getting agile infused into government processes. We will foster a spirit of openness and mentor those new to agile so that they have the necessary practical advice, resources, tools and community support for successful deployment. Through Agile for Gov, we will create a responsive, engaged government that more efficiently and effectively serves its citizens."

Join me and many of your peers on the agile journey. To get involved with Agile for Gov, join the LinkedIn, Facebook and Google groups, follow on Twitter and visit the website at

Download the Agile Government: The Digital Government Imperative eBook and explore how to gain the level of agility required to achieve true government transformation.