Advance Look: Manufacturing & High Tech – streamline operations and deliver proactive customer service

Advance Look: Manufacturing & High Tech – streamline operations and deliver proactive customer service

Digital transformation and innovation are changing the world of manufacturing – are you ready for Industry 4.0?

To manage complex processes cost-efficiently, you need a digital backbone that can orchestrate all the different moving parts. Join us at PegaWorld 2018, the world’s largest intelligent automation event, for first-hand insights on digital transformation from some of the world’s most successful manufacturers.

Attend one of the sessions below, then head to the Tech Pavilion to test-drive AI-based technology designed specifically to streamline operations and deliver proactive customer service. Find more details on our offerings for manufacturing, high-tech, and energy sectors on the PegaWorld 2018 Agenda page.


Engage, automate, and build – without limits: Pega software is at the core of how leading organizations engage their customers, automate their digital processes, and build the apps they need at the speed the market demands. Our continued investment in technology empowers our customers to use AI and Robotics to quickly achieve real results. In his keynote, Kerim Akgonul, Pega’s SVP of Products, will introduce the latest advances in Pega’s technology highlighting why our Platform isn’t just low-code, it’s no-code. You’ll witness how Pega’s AI and robotics are setting the standard for a new class of CRM applications that both engage your customers and automate your work. You’ll learn how Pega’s cloud services deliver apps that are fast, reliable, and continuously up-to-date. Kerim will demonstrate how Pega’s no-code approach lets you go from vision to running applications faster than ever before—and scale without limits. You’ll also get first-hand project insight from guest speakers James Stavropoulos, Global Lead, Network Deployment Operations at Google; Sam Lloyd, Chief Information Officer at Liberty Global; and Duncan Macdonald, Vice President of Consumer Solutions & Digital Transformation at Liberty Global.


How Dell EMC uses Pega Decisioning to power transformation at work: Dell EMC has embarked on a transformation of their industry-leading customer service organization, and Pega Decisoning is at the heart of that transformation. Learn how Dell EMC rapidly deployed Pega on top of a maze of legacy technology, moving from a model of agents manually “pulling” work to the automated routing of work to the most qualified resource. Vishwadeep Chawla, Senior Manager of Enterprise Pega COE, Pavan Duddu, Solution Architect, Enterprise Pega COE, and James Favreau from Accenture team up to share insights around hurdles unique to this method of applying Pega technology, how the team evolved in order to meet those challenges, and the key factors for success when attempting to drive this type of change.

Global master data management at Siemens – driving standardization while supporting regional flexibility: Siemens is using Pega for the end-to-end digital transformation of their business. Anna Gleiss, Head of Global Master Data Management, will share how Siemens uses the Pega platform to drive standardized best practices while at the same time ensuring local flexibility. Siemens is delivering real results - improving the customer experience and speed - and reducing complexity and cost.

Rolls-Royce Marine: Transforming Field Service: Rolls-Royce Marine focuses heavily on preventative maintenance - but equipment does occasionally fail. With 62 billion connected devices predicted by 2018, the opportunity to predict the problems before they arise is critical. Old style, programming intensive, separate, and often siloed systems are no longer able to meet these challenges, and plugging gaps in technology with yet more technology would not provide a responsive infrastructure to support these business challenges. Join Daniel O’Connor, Vice President of Global Product Training & Field Service Development, and Jan Terje Aakre, Programme Manager – Field Service Developer, to learn how Rolls-Royce Marine is digitally transforming their field service processes, and more.

“Change for Growth” – NISSHA’s journey for end-to-end globalization & digitization: Established in Kyoto, Japan in 1929 to create high-quality art prints, NISSHA has grown and evolved with the advancement of printing technologies offering transfer foils and electronic components into the global market. Today NISSHA is advancing in automotive interiors, medical devices, industrial materials, life innovations, and communications. Expanding their business through globalization and M&A, now more than 75% of their revenue comes from outside of Japan. Rocky Tsuruta, CFO, and Michael Kozbial, Director of Automotive Sales, show how NISSHA is using Pega to transform their fast-paced business with shorter time-to-market as their key corporate driver. NISSHA will share objectives, challenges, outcomes, lesson learned, and the project roadmap moving forward.

Enabling digital transformation of business operations through the power of Pega: Sapna Garg, Director of IT, Global Customer Success & Services for Cisco, and Sid Kapila, Vice President and Hi Tech Portfolio Leader for Capgemini, discuss how Cisco, in partnership with Capgemini, has transformed its service business operations by digitizing the supply chain, simultaneously improving Service Revenues and Customer Support.

Cisco Customer Service – digital agents, intelligent routing, and now CSA enabled people: Steve Power, Senior Director of Global Service Ownership, and Chat Villarosa from Customer Service, describe how Cisco is continuing their evolution to deliver world class customer service. They started with digital agents to automate work, used decisioning to drive intelligence into the routing path, and now are bringing the human agent into the mix through the integration of Pega Customer Service.

Optimizing Intel’s supply chain procurement – a true digital transformation story: Intel procurement spans 100 countries and 20,000 suppliers, delivering 24x7 global materials support to factories manufacturing high-end products. However, associated processes to manage huge amounts of data across disparate systems were glued together through email and phone-calls, causing the supply chain to operate in reactive mode. Shireesh Thanneru, Platform Architect, Stephen Healy, Supply Chain Procurement Manager and Business Architect, and Dov Furie, Supply Chain Product Manager, describe how Intel transformed its procurement activities into a digital “manage by exception” approach through process automation and simple guided UI's – delivering outstanding results like >50% process TPT reduction, 3X productivity gain, and unrivaled user experience.

Improving time-to-market at Philips by deploying Pega’s Healthcare platform: Ruud Wijnands, Program Manager, explains how Philips has been creating a healthcare platform using Pega, leading to large re-usability and the ability to improve time-to-market. Many Pega applications are internal facing, and Philips builds a mix of business-to-consumer and business-to-business applications that closely integrate applications for connecting patients with healthcare providers, healthcare professionals, etc. across the healthcare continuum.


British Gas: Millions of customers, billions of simulations, one approach to loyalty: AI-driven engagement is separating great companies from EVERYONE else – differentiating the "haves" and the "have nots." Well-timed engagement can make all the difference with a customer... or misfire, and cripple their experience. There's pressure for organizations to move fast – to be everywhere, all the time – but what’s the net impact on the customer, and the long-term relationship? In this session, the team at British Gas will describe their Next-Best-Action (NBA) journey, and dive deep into questions like:

  • How has NBA decisioning changed their approach to customer engagement?
  • What initiatives are having a tangible impact on the customer experience?
  • Has the organization seen the expected lift in KPI - like revenue, CLV, or NPS?
  • What challenges did they face along the way? How did they overcome them?
  • Where are they going to take their program, next?

What’s next for AI driving business value? As the AI hype wanes, the plateau of productivity is there for the taking. Join us for a panel discussion of Pega customers who use AI today and are already thinking about new ways to improve customer experience. The panelists will discuss actual AI use today, such as gleaning customer intent and serving prescriptive recommendations. They will also talk about business value realized from using automation and intelligence. Vince Jeffs, Pega’s Director of Strategy & Product Marketing, will lead the discussion. Panel members include Jo Allen, Business Lead for Next Generation Decisioning at British Gas; Travis Bradburn, Enterprise Decision Management Manager at General Motors; and Fabian Abacum, Head of CRM, Analytics, Data & Information Management for HSBC Bank Australia Limited.

Managing mobile implementations for maximum engagement and ROI: Managing successful mobile app deployments is an ongoing challenge and a recurring cost for almost every IT department. How can you manage the challenges of security, scalability, and app updates all while delivering a continuous engaging mobile experience and remaining agile? Learn from Pega customers across different industries who have built and deployed live mobile apps using Pega. Hear what worked, what didn't work, and what lessons were learned along the way to help make your mobile deployments run smoother and more efficiently. Stephanie Louis, Pega’s Director of Mobile Technology leads the discussion. Panel members include Olivier Lhommet, Senior Director of IT for Rowan Companies, and Howard Cochran, Senior Director of Strategic Technologies for Estes Express Lines.

Mergers & Acquisitions: A tale from Zimmer Biomet: Hear from Anthem and Zimmer Biomet as they talk mergers and acquisitions and how Pega helped them create a future-proof platform for case management and customer service. Speakers include John Dearlove, Associate Director for Digital Experience & Solutions, and Louis-Philippe Amiot, Vice President, from Zimmer Biomet.

Digital transformation for rapid responsiveness at Raytheon: Raytheon is a technology and innovation leader specializing in defense, civil government, and cybersecurity solutions. Raytheon is using Pega as their digital transformation platform to drive better business outcomes and to future-proof the organization with an architectural approach that is strategic, flexible, adaptable, reconfigurable, secure, and highly scalable. Kerry Finn, Raytheon IT Fellow/Enterprise Architect, and Setrag Khoshafian, Vice President and Chief Evangelist of Pega BPM Technology, describe how the Pega architecture can help major manufacturers, including aerospace and defense contractors, improve business capabilities and process maturity models.


Manufacturing and High Tech industry networking session: Digital transformation and innovation are significantly changing the world of manufacturing – are you ready for Industry 4.0? Join our networking session and meet with like-minded global manufacturing leaders to share ideas and best practices. We will illustrate how to future-proof your business for the next industrial revolution, and highlight what not to miss at this year’s PegaWorld. Customer award winners will be announced.


  • See how Pega for Manufacturing & High Technology is helping organizations optimize operations and provide world-class, end-to-end customer service.
  • Read “The Future of Maintenance Processes” to learn how IoT, big data analysis, and case management power prescriptive maintenance.
  • Learn how Robotic Automation and Intelligence helps you make data-informed decisions.
  • Register now for PegaWorld! Come network with other industry leaders and learn how to streamline the management of complex processes, improve customer experiences, and quickly implement AI-driven technology into your enterprise system.