5 Essential Ingredients for FCR: Getting It Right the First Time for Your Policyholders

Insurance carriers around the globe have perfected the art of capturing and tracking customer inquiries with sophisticated techniques for measuring the performance of customer service representatives (CSRs) and their service centers as a whole. Additionally, they have spent a great deal of money trying to reduce service time and costs through automation, analytics and outsourcing.

Yet despite these investments, one of the most important measures of a contact center’s productivity – first contact resolution (FCR) – remains stubbornly difficult to achieve. The problem lies in the fact that most contact center technology focuses only on giving an answer as fast as possible. But achieving FCR on a consistent basis requires not just an answer – it requires a resolution that truly solves the customer’s problem.

FCR is not just about the first contact answer – it’s about fulfilling the issue to the satisfaction of the customer. Consistently achieving FCR requires five crucial ingredients:

  • Know your customer. Provide CSRs with immediate understanding of the customer and issue before the call even begins.
  • Just do it. Don’t just tell the customer what will happen, empower the CSR to act and fulfill the request at the time of the call.
  • Use the right channel. Use the channel that ensures the best outcome on the first contact – and use multiple channels if that is what it takes.
  • Fulfill the request and sell more. The best resolution may involve complimentary products or services, so combine service fulfillment with relevant offers.
  • Make it a better experience. Learn from past interactions to continuously automate, refine and improve the experience.

To service today’s connected consumer insurance carriers need to seriously consider employing the five ingredients of FCR to optimize their service operations. Carriers who successfully apply these strategies will have better service visibility by leveraging analytics to understand customer needs, interact with policyholders based on their channel of choice, streamline service requests across service silos, and do the right thing for the customer and the business by leveraging intent-based processing.  The end result is that you will provide an impeccable customer experience and transform your service center into a profit center.  You can download my eBook on this topic to learn more on leveraging the Five Ingredients of FCR.