Pega for Financial Services

Pega Payment Exceptions

Automate corporate banking payment exceptions.

"HSBC's GPI initiative has transformed the bank’s operations in a key area of client service by giving clients added confidence that any payment inquiry will be resolved quickly, efficiently, and with a single point of contact."
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Improve STP with
auto-case creation

Pega dramatically increases straight-through processing, automatically parsing SWIFT messages to generate new cases and retrieving existing payment data. Business rules resolve cases automatically or intelligently guide operators through the process.

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Increase efficiency with
case and process management

Resolve cases faster while you improve the client experience. Pega automatically routes work based on skill, priority, geography, and other key variables. SLA management capabilities auto-escalate work, trigger alerts, and auto-generate communications to help ensure you’re meeting client SLAs.

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Manage adjustments with
automated accounting rules

Standard accounting steps at specific process stages within the exceptions flow automatically ensure fee charging, value dating, and transaction posting, and correctly follow SWIFT rules and bank processing requirements every time.

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