Pega CPQ for Communications

 Configure, Price, Quote smarter and faster to increase sales with
Pega CPQ for Communications


Delight customers with insightful, creative sales experiences using a digital end-to-end onboarding process on a unified platform that connects front and back office.


Accelerate time to market for new products. Streamlined, catalog-driven creation of bundles, pricing, and quoting processes lets you move faster than the competition.


Win more deals, whether you’re selling to small businesses or multi-national companies. Pega makes it easy to configure, price, and quote digital proposals.
Deliver faster with

Telecom Processes

Manage proposals for digital services with out-of-the-box support for converged offers, solution design, and multiple site products. Specialize processes based on any attribute, whether its Ethernet or cloud services, on-net or off, and deliver a completely tailored experience.
Launch faster with

Communications Product Catalog

Deploy bundles, pricing, and eligibility rules quickly and eliminate development costs with a product catalog built for your marketing team. Pega’s integrated product catalog makes it easy to change your offerings to accommodate a dynamic business environment.
Increase revenue with

Intelligent Guided Selling

Pega’s rules, analytics, and intelligence act like a brain, guiding your sales reps, self-service sites, and call centers to predict and sell the right product at the right price to your most important clients.
Deliver timely quotes with

Case Management

Keep your promise to your customers, with carrier-grade Telecom workflow management. Pega connects the people, partners, systems, and enterprise processes required to deliver accurate quotes. It tracks related information, automates and assigns outstanding tasks, and connects front and back office.
Delight customers with

An Omni-Channel Experience

Give your customers experiences that transition seamlessly between any channel or device without losing the context of the conversation. With Pega, you can integrate sales reps, self-service sites, and call centers into a continuous conversation.

Additional Product Features

Pega’s scaled, tiered environment supports the Pega CPQ application.
Employees anywhere can interact with customers through a user experience optimized for their devices.
Fetch customer data from different sources, in real time, while preserving data integrity.
Embed Pega directly into mobile or web channels to rapidly integrate with your infrastructure.
Configured to work with Pega Sales Automation and Pega Fulfillment Control Center.
Automatic margin and break even calculated per contract simplifies deal approvals.
Interface with existing systems using standard protocols such as HTTP, SOAP, REST, MQ, JMS, and SQL.
Robust library of common objects and data models based on TM Forum Shared Information Data Model (SID).
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Communications Service Providers
Communications Service Providers