How Underwriting Can Drive Profitable Growth

Leading insurers are looking to harness technology for a competitive edge. say Tune in to this webinar with Novarica and Pega to hear the latest insights

Competition within the group and voluntary benefits markets remains extremely fierce. An advanced, yet flexible, underwriting desktop can help can help your underwriters respond to market changes with greater consistency and more advantageous pricing, while increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

Watch the “Using Underwriting to Drive Profitable Growth in Group Benefits” webinar to learn:

  • Why private exchanges are emerging as an important new distribution channel.
  • How your underwriters’ market experience and best practices can be tapped to optimize business performance.
  • How Underwriting Workbench technology can improve plan design and product development.
  • The pivotal role Business Intelligence plays in group benefits underwriting.

Watch the webinar

Watch the webinar

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